Kobus Truter, along with his diverse and multifaceted team, are characterised by a holistic approach to their turnkey services.

The belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

This allows us to focus on the very essence of a human’s senses, interrogating every detail to achieve an enhanced and all encompassing design experience creating environments that fulfil needs and a sense of longing.

Residential homes that are functional, practical, elegant and make sense to the people who live in them.

Commercial spaces designed to make people feel comfortable, while maintaining integrity, ethos and purpose, spaces that express a brand’s identity and DNA.

Drawing inspiration from travels, elements in nature, colour and textures, human behaviour, consumer psyche, leads us to design exceptional spaces.

We offer a complete design service, from concept, design, procurement, and hands-on involvement with the final build, styling and final handover. Every project is treated with care and detail, each unique space is celebrated and customised.

We ensure the vision of every brief is achieved.